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Bell’s Brewery- Two Hearted Ale: Sorry Wes, But This Would Be My Silver Medalist At This Point

I have to admit that I have been very hesitant to try this beer as Wes claims that it is his greatest beer of all time.  I felt it appropriate to give these suds a sip seeing that I have been on an IPA kick and that I would be better to judge it amongst its peers.  After having tried Mendocino’s, Victory’s, Breckenridge Brewery’s, Boulder Beer’s, Flying Dog’s and Dogfish Head’s IPA; I have to say that Bell’s Brewery’s Two Hearted Ale is towards the top of the class.

Bell’s Brewery classifies this brew as an India Pale Ale and their website describes Two Hearted Ale as “India Pale Ale style well suited for Hemingway-esque trips to the Upper Peninsula.  American malts and enormous hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma.”

This beer pours a golden/copper color with a hefty 2” cream color head with your standard citrus/hoppy aromas and is a whopping 7% ABV.

I would have to say that it is one of the better IPA’s that I have tried but unfortunately I have to say that I’d prefer a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA over Two Hearted.  But if there were no 60 minute to be found we’ll then I would have to say that Two Hearted would be my plan B IPA of choice.  This is a great beer that deserves the praise it gets.  Aside from the lame fish head label this is a beer that I would recommend trying regardless of what style you favor.

ABV: 7%

Consumed: Imperial Pint

Verdict: Buy A Twelve Pack

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Bell’s Brewery- Two Hearted Ale: The Nectar of the Gods or Should I Say Kings!

Ok, I cheated. I knew what I was going to write long before I marched down to the local store to pick up a six-pack of my beer muse. But I had not had this delightful brew in a while and decided to take a night off from some of these nasty brews I have to drink for the website. Bell’s Two Hearted pours a light orange color, and leaves with a perfect inch of almost whip cream like head.  You can smell the very aromatic hops, which have a clean floral aroma, with a slight sweet finish. I promise this smells like no other beer you have ever smelled in your life. This Michigan based beer claims to be inspired by Hemingway's trips to the U.P. to fish. It will probably inspire other brewers to pop a shotgun into their own mouths (Hemingway style) after just one sip.

This IPA’s taste is purely amazing. It has the perfect balance of bitter and crisp IPA hops balanced with a sweet citrus aftertaste. This is an absolute, must try beer. Am I prejudice? Damn right. Is this my favorite beer of all time? Damn right. But let me tell you something. I have drank my share of beers since discovering this brew almost seven years ago and nothing has ever come close to usurping the king. If Budweiser wants to know who the real king or beers is, bow down to Two Hearted bitches. All rise for the real king of beers!

ABV: 7%

Consumed: Pint Glass

Verdict: Buy a Keg!

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