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Half Acre Beer Company- Meat Wave: A Big Meaty Thanks To Wes!

Well its official, I’m really starting to feel my age.  After a long weekend at Lollapalooza, I’m still exhausted.  I had every intention of doing a review on Tuesday but I ended up crashing and couldn’t muster the energy to formulate a coherent thought.  Lollapalooza was a blast.  Spending some time in the city was awesome with the exception of the traffic but all in all I am in awe of the city skyline and it’s beauty.  I got to hang with my boy Wes and it’s really cool that we share in the same love of Craft Beer and music.  If you’ve seen my Lolla post, you know that he & I snuck some Craft Beers in to enjoy because there are NO Craft Beers to be had.  I know that I am a Craft Beer snob but it really bums me out that with a city that has some great breweries, we get no local option from the city that shares it’s park with Lollapalooza and the 200,000 plus people that attend.  I was inspired to review Half Acre Beer Co’s Meat Wave because of my love of the city of Big Shoulders.  Not to mention, my boy Wes hooked me up with it and for that I will be forever grateful.  Wes and I have only known each other for over two years now but he had become more than just a friend, I consider him my brother and part of my family.  This one’s for you bro.

Half Acre Beer Company classifies this brew as an English-bent India Pale Ale and their blog describes Meat Wave as, “Chicago has been romancing pigs and their tasty bodies in ways like never before. Pigs are hot, totally trending, and part of what we do. Chicago popular culture is running rampant with our succulent friends, while our history is steeped in pork parts.

What we're saying, is that Chicago has been entrenched in the pig for ages and we're about to climax. Meat Wave is an English-bent India Pale Ale that will be our Chicago Craft Beer Week beer. Earthy delicious, this meat centric offering is for you, Chicago.”

Meat Wave pours a dark caramel color with a ¾” tan head.  The aroma is malty sweet up front with scents of citrus and pine with faint bready malts in the background.

I really wish that it didn’t take me so damn long to get to this beer but what the hell can one do?  This is definitely an English IPA as indicated by the malty profile in the flavor.  I for one prefer west coast style American IPAs as they tend to be more on the hoppy/citrus side.  However, Half Acre continues to impress me with every one of their beers that I have been able to check off the list.  Meat Wave is no exception.  This is a finely crafted version of an English IPA that dances across your taste buds with a nice balance and a complexity that I find highly enjoyable.  Meat Wave starts with a nice citrus and pine hop bite with touches of caramel malts.  It then dances across the palate in the middle with more of a pale malt taste as if the song changed mid-dance.  Meat Wave finishes with a return of a slight citrus flavor that is dominated by a malty sweetness that is buttery in nature.  When I initially heard the name Meat Wave, I was confused and perplexed.  Knowing that the label would be that of a portioned pig I almost thought that there would be a little piggy in the flavor but thankfully, this is all IPA.  A big thanks goes out to Wes for setting one aside for me, I greatly appreciate it bro!!  No big surprise, Half Acre continues to impress me to no end and they are quickly establishing themselves as the premier Craft Brewery in the city!

ABV: 6.5%

Consumed: Trinity Brewing Company Globe Glass

Verdict: Buy A Twelve Pack

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Half Acre Brewing Company- Meat Wave: No that is not a typo‚Ķ

In the last year and a half we have reviewed a large amount of beers here at TGBOAT, so it takes a lot for me to be shocked or caught off guard by a beer’s name. When I first heard about Half Acre’s newest beer I thought, ‘Heatwave, that is great name for a summer released IPA!” But when I showed up this weekend to pick up a couple bottles and grab a growler I learned that it was actually called “Meat Wave” and the label included a pig being dissected in delicious cuts of meat. The Half Acre Crew was even grilling free brats for the many, many patrons that where lined up all the way onto the sidewalk. It would appear that Chicago’s best kept secret is quickly becoming common knowledge.

Meat Wave pours on the dark side with a roasted amber face that is cloudy and quite pretty. The aroma was sweet and grainy with hints of flowers and honey in the nose. The carbonation was average with very fine bubbles and a slight head that quickly broke like  low tide. If beer was a beauty pageant this brew would win Miss May unequivocally.

I found Meat Waves flavor to be surprisingly light. While appearing heavy and robust it was actually quite tame in flavor. The taste is vaguely muted and a little watery. The grain profile is slightly sweet and bready while the hop finish is dry and piney. Meat Wave is by no means bad, I was just expecting something a little “meatier.” Overall Half Acre’s newest outing left me with that same feeling you get when you complete an awesome jigsaw puzzle and there is a piece missing. Sometimes a pretty picture and a shiny package doesn’t mean you are happy with your decision. Ultimately I enjoyed the experience more than then the product but that isn’t always a bad thing.

ABV: 6.5%

Consumed: Ionic Pint Glass

Verdict: Buy a Twelve Pack

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