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Mother Earth Brewing- Sisters of the Moon IPA: Double, double toil and trouble? Find out what these hot little Pagans are brewing….

When I tell people that I write for a beer blog they always want to know what the best part about it is? I used to just say, “Well, the beer I guess.” But as time has gone on I realize that the beer lover’s community is really what I enjoy the most, especially the fact that I have had the privilege of trying dozens of beers that I never would have had without the kickbacks from my fellow review crew members. I have had beers from all over the world that have delighted my senses and I feel honored to try some of the beers I have tried.

Sisters of the Moon IPA falls into this category. Jason picked this up on his trip to N. Carolina. This brew from Mother Earth Brewing pours a hazy citrine with a moderate amount of carbonation. The lacing on my glass was minimal with the creamy eggshell head dissipating rather quickly. I quickly feel in love with the mouthwatering aroma. SOTM has a sweet grain punch duct-taped to a citrusy hop explosion.  

WOW. Mother Earth has something special here. The only way I can really describe this beer is a game of taste bud tug-o-war. The initial flavor is a sweet graininess. That flavor tries to cling on for dear life but is quickly beatdown by a citrus/ pine hop smackdown. This brew starts sweet and finish intense. The end is actually very dry with the oily hops drying out your pallet.

I was actually terrified to review this bottle. The guys at Mother Earth were so freaking cool to Jason and he spoke so highly of them that my mind raced at the thought of this beer being a dud. Thankfully this beer is goddamn awesome and I am in peace. Honestly I can tell you I have never had an IPA quite like this and I have had hundreds of IPAs. This is a must try beer. I honestly cannot wait for my next endeavor from this impressive, young brewery.

ABV:  6.9%

Consumed: Ionic Pint Glass

Verdict: Buy a case!

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Mother Earth Brewing– Sisters of The Moon IPA: A Hoppy Family

It’s GREAT to sit down in front of my computer without any intention of doing anything work related, or finding cheat codes for my son, OR looking up Barbie dream mansions for the upcoming holiday season. No.. this is MY time. Or better yet, OUR time. As paralleled by the drink we love so much, talking, writing or reading about what we love is as important as the subject itself. Sharing our thoughts is as important as sharing that bomber. Personally, it helps me gain insight into something I can only see from my perspective.   As with anything you love, you want to view it from all angles possible and understand it completely.

             Prior to this, my reviews have only been about music. Strangely enough, I find the parallel between music and beer uncanny.  Both industries have their Britney Spears, and both their misunderstood artists. Corporate America uses both of these art forms to make money, while the small indies are trying to find their niche in a world that mostly ingests whatever’s packaged and slapped in front of them. Britney Spears or Blue Moon; it makes no difference.  They’re both good for the economy. So for those of us that resist to eat what’s force fed, we are on our own. We search for something better. As in music, we have to dig deeper then your local grocery store to find what we want, and in this case (like many I’m sure you’ve experienced) I found Mother Earth Brewing through a friend. Jason’s trip to North Carolina was the subject of a few sub-stories, but none came close to the extreme vigor in which he passionately spoke about his visit to Mother Earth.  He brought back some Sisters Of The Moon, and I was luckily one of the recipients of this treasured booty.  Sisters Of The Moon was always a title that had been in my memory simply based on the fact that my mother was an enormous Fleetwood Mac fan, and Sisters of the Moon was a track off of their Tusk album. I can still hear my mother singing the words, “sisters of the moon” as I write this. The memory has always carried a witchy image in my mind, and coincidentally enough, the label follows through with this theme. Along with the witches theme, “brew” is always something that they seem to be whipping up, and our pretty little IPA here caps off the concept well.

Pouring this beer into my glass released all the aroma, and everything you come to expect in an IPA is present.  Citrus and pine are here,  breadiness and of course a nice hoppy, caramely nose.  The aspect that threw me off was the not-so-subtle earthiness, which is NOT typical of the style. As a lover of food, the earthiness lends a big hand in widening the spectrum for food pairing. Intense hop flavor cuts through a lot of spicy food and is why a lot of IPA’s are paired with this taste profile.  SOTM, on the other hand, blows the door wide open.  The color is reminiscent of peach soda, and our head is creamy white with a descent one inch head along with some nice lacing.  At 6.9 ABV it’s difficult to call this sessionable, but with all the imperials, doubles and triple IPA’s out there, you can easily reach for another, and then maybe one more.  Sisters of the Moon is NOT just for the hop-head, although hop-heads will be thoroughly impressed.  If you want to venture into the hop-lovers world, without being frightened off by crazy levels of ABV or IBU, this brew will woe you.  Letting this beer warm up a couple degrees can accentuate the fantastic balance of this beer, and allows a lot of the subtle flavors to shine brighter.  I’m going to take the rest of my available time to enjoy this, as I blast my mothers old Fleetwood LP into my headphones. Until next time.. cheers!

ABV: 6.9%

Glass: Imperial Pint

Verdict: Buy a Case

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Mother Earth Brewing- Sisters Of The Moon IPA: You Gotta Love Sisters

Tuesday August 17th – Man I’m lovin’ Topsail Beach and enjoying everything about it.  Not to mention that I am also enjoying spending time with my family as well as long time friends that I haven’t seen in years.  Today my cousin John is coming down from Camp Lejune to spend the rest of the day with us as well as a great friend of mine Mike is coming up from Myrtle Beach with his kids.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  But wait, it does.  Prior to our trip I did some research on some North Carolina breweries and one of the ones I was very interested in trying was Mother Earth Brewing.  Mother Earth was founded in the Summer of 2008 and from the buzz I have heard, their brews are amazing.  I’m really excited to try their Sisters Of The Moon IPA as I hear it’s a winner.

Mother Earth Brewing Company classifies this brew as an India Pale Ale (IPA) and their website describes Sisters Of The Moon IPA as, “Made with hops grown in the good 'ol USA... you'll proudly support American farmers when you drink this beer! Light copper in color, it has an intense hop aroma and strong hop bitterness. Our hopback process uses fresh hop cones to take this IPA to unexpected places. Prepare for a mouthful of flavor.

Sisters Of The Moon IPA pours a coppery orange with a ½” eggshell white head.  The aroma is very hoppy, from earthy to spicy and a bit of citrus.

The hype was dead on.  This is one fantastically fermented beverage.  As most of you know by now, I’m an IPA junkie.  As far as Mother Earth Brewing goes, they need to start distribution to Illinois ASAP!  This is a can’t miss, top 10 IPA for sure.  Start to finish this beer is Hoppy and is not for the weak!  Hopheads will absolutely love Sisters Of The Moon as its hop bite will have you falling in love with these sisters instantly.  The flavor is consistent throughout; it’s smooth despite having that hop bitterness with the most faint malt sweetness way in the background.  I am simply amazed that Mother Earth has been around for only two years and are brewing Craft Beers that most brew fans would drop to their knees and pray to.  If you have to ability to get you some Sisters Of The Moon IPA do so, if not, beg, borrow or steal to acquire some.  I am now dying to get my hands on some more Mother Earth and try the rest of their line-up.  I just may have to make a stop on my way home…

ABV: 6.9%

Consumed: Founders Pint Glass

Verdict: Buy A Case

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